Castle of otranto (oxford world s classics)

Castle of otranto (oxford world s classics) es un libro escrito por Horace Walpole tiene un total de 176 páginas , identificado con ISBN 9780199537211 Castle of otranto (oxford world s classics) se publicó en el año 2008

libro Castle of otranto (oxford world s classics)


First published pseudonymously in 1764, The Castle of Otranto purported to be a translation of an Italian story of the time of the crusades. In it Walpole attempted, as he declared in the Preface to the Second Edition, to blend the two kinds of romance: the ancient and the modern. Crammed with invention, entertainment, terror, and pathos, the novel was an immediate success and Walpoles own favorite among his numerous works. The novel is reprinted here from a text of 1798, the last that Walpole himself prepared for the press.

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