Change of heart

Change of heart es un libro escrito por Jodi Picoult tiene un total de 496 páginas , identificado con ISBN 9780340935835 Change of heart se publicó en el año 2009

Change of heart


Junes first husband was killed in a car crash. Against all the odds, her daughter was uninjured and, in another miracle, June found love again with the policeman who rescued them. Six years on they are a happy family, June pregnant with their own child. But now Junes second daughter is dying without the new heart she so urgently needs. And her first daughter, along with her husband, is dead, killed by Shay Bourne, an itinerant workman they welcomed into their home. The crime was so heinous that Shay has been given the death penalty for the first time in 69 years in New Hampshire. Shay is going to die, and he is looking for redemption. He wants to give Junes daughter his heart ...<

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