Mind s eye

Mind s eye es un libro escrito por Hakan Nesser tiene un total de 304 páginas , identificado con ISBN 9780307387226 Mind s eye se publicó en el año 2009

libro Mind s eye


Håkan Nesser is firmly established as one of the world’s bestselling crime novelists. And now, The Minds Eye, the novel that introduced Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is available for the first time in English.

The ease of the conviction left Van Veeteren uneasy: Janek Mitter woke one morning with a brutal hangover and his wife dead in the bathtub. With only the flimsiest defense, he is found guilty and imprisoned in a mental institution. But when Mitter is murdered in his bed, Van Veeteren regrets not following his gut and launches an investigation into the two murders. And as the chief inspector delves deeper, the twisted root of these violent murders will shock even him.<

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