The cryptographer

Tobias hill

The cryptographer es un libro escrito por Tobias hill tiene un total de 224 páginas , identificado con ISBN 9780571218370 The cryptographer se publicó en el año 2004

libro The cryptographer


John Law is a man full of secrets. People call him the Cryptographer, or the Codemaker. He is mysterious and charming, the worlds first quadrillionaire, the inventor of an unbreakable code, of a new form of electronic money. As a man, he is admired and distrusted more than most. Tax inspector Anna Moores talent is for getting clients to talk. She is good at what she does, one of the best. So when the Revenue assigns John Law as Annas new client, her first task is to discover just what it is hes trying to hide...

A supremely elegant and ambiguous thriller. Sunday Times; A remarkable poetic imagination. Independent on Sunday

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