The last templar

The last templar es un libro escrito por Raymond Khoury tiene un total de 464 páginas , identificado con ISBN 9781409118565 The last templar se publicó en el año 2011

libro The last templar


1291 AD, Acre. As the city burns under the onslaught of the Sultans men, the Falcon Temple sets sail, carrying a small band of knights and a mysterious chest entrusted to them by the Orders Grand Master. But the ship vanishes without a trace...

Present day New York. At the Metropolitan Museum, four horsemen dressed as Knights Templar storm the gala opening of an exhibition of Vatican treasures and, in a brutal and bloody attack, steal an arcane medieval decoder.

For FBI agent Sean Reilly and archaeologist Tess Chaykin this is just the start of a deadly game of cat and mouse as they race across three continents in search of the ruthless killers - and a centuries-old mystery...

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