Vanishing acts

Vanishing acts es un libro escrito por Jodi Picoult tiene un total de 526 páginas , identificado con ISBN 9781416549345 Vanishing acts se publicó en el año 2007

Vanishing acts


Delia Hopkins is living a placid enough life in New Hampshire with her little daughter, and is about to finally marry the childs father, Eric, a lawyer. Then, suddenly Delias life bursts wide open: her adored father, Andrew, is arrested for kidnapping--a crime that goes back 28 years, to when Delia was four years old. It was Delia herself whom her father kidnapped, whisking her away from the drunken mother Delia thought had died years ago. This bizarre, long-held secret explains the odd fragments of memory Delia has been struggling to identify. With Eric enlisted as Andrews lawyer, and her old friend Fitz (who is in love with her) covering the case for the local paper, Delia finds herself at the center of a tangled web of events, including a reunion with her Mexican mother, now a recovered alcoholic and a revered healer. The story is told from several points of view as the many fascinating layers of the story are revealed.<

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