Wilt in nowwhere

Wilt in nowwhere es un libro escrito por Tom Sharpe tiene un total de 320 páginas , identificado con ISBN 9780099481737 Wilt in nowwhere se publicó en el año 2005

libro Wilt in nowwhere


In Tom Sharpe’s fourth uproarious Wilt novel, the indefatigable Henry Wilt embarks on the voyage of a lifetime — a cross-country trip through England, without map or compass, carrying little more than a backpack and the boots on his feet. A week later sees him drunk and unconscious in the back of an arsonist’s pickup truck. His trip goes even further downhill from there until he revives in the hospital, unable to figure out how he could possibly stand accused of arson, assassination and robbery.
Meanwhile, Eva has taken the quads to visit Uncle Wally and Aunt Joan in Tennessee. With the four girls leaving their customary trail of insanity and destruction wherever they go, not to mention a mob of embittered drug enforcement agents, Eva’s journey has also spiralled out of control.<

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